Equine Specialist

Pendergraft and Associates provides clients with prompt, state of the industry equine services ranging from facility development to best management practices. Constant communication with the client is emphasized to assure that milestones and objectives are being met or exceeded.  If a project requires research efforts, clients can be assured that proper research protocols are followed and data generated are sound and defensible. We provide consulting services for public, municipal, semi-private and private, state and federal facilities - including resorts, residential developments and universities.

Equine Lecture Series

The goal of Pendergraft and Associates is to establish educational programs which serve the needs of the equine industry in México and promote the health and welfare of the horse.  Pendergraft and Associates serves as a liaison between the University community, the horse industry, horse owners, and equine event coordinators.   The Equine Lecture Series are intended for animal professionals, equine enthusiasts, and members of the public who want to learn more about horse care and guardianship.

Equine Short Courses

If you do not want to go back to college, why not consider a specialist short course? These courses are designed to cover a topic in great depth, and are ideal for those wishing to specialize in a specific area. The short courses are custom designed for on-farm or public settings and are geared to enhance your operation, your career or just explore a personal interest.

Equine Facility Design
Equine Management
Equine Business Plan